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What Does the World Think About the United States After Trump’s Presidential Victory?

If you were surprised by Donald Trump’s victory in this year’s American Presidential election, you are far from alone. Not only does the entire country seem to be reeling in the wake of Trump’s surprise victory, the entire world is in a state of mild shock. Whether you voted for or against the former real estate magnate — now the most powerful man in the world … just think about that — Donald Trump’s election has colored the way America is viewed by the rest of the world. In the days following Trump’s win, the world has made no secret of it’s opinion regarding the American people.

1. First Thing’s First: Mexico is NOT Building a Wall, and Neither Are They Paying For Us to Build a Wall. It Won’t Happen. Ever

That being said, the Mexican government at large has reaffirmed their continued desire to be “partners, friends, and allies” wth the United States, regardless of who is running the place.


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