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It’s safe to assume that most celebs’ bank accounts have a lot of zeroes at the end. Given the salaries they earn for films, endorsements and appearances, it’s no surprise that many are in the millionaire’s club. While some stars went from rags to riches through their career, a few were actually born into wealthy families. They never had to go through that starving artist phase. Here are 10 celebrities born rich, with silver or even platinum spoons in their mouths.

1. Adam Levine

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Levine wears so many different hats today it’s no surprise that his net worth tops $35 million. However, before he built up his singing (Maroon 5), hosting (The Voice)  and entrepreneurial reputations, he was already surrounded by the rich and powerful. His father, Fred Levine, owns the successful M. Fredric retail chain. He sent his son to the elite Brentwood School and the French Woods Festival of Performing Arts. Having a wealthy, well connected dad more than readied Adam for the star he is now.

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