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Deciding on the greatest movie quotes of all time is difficult because there have been so many influential lines recited over the years. First, we looked at the line’s significance in the film, and then its meaning. Finally we evaluated its impact on our societal culture and what type of legacy it’s left. The American Film Institute revealed it’s top 100 picks over the last 100 years in 2005. We decided to update it with our own list, with quotes from both classics newer films. Do you have a quote you would add to this list of the top 10 greatest movie quotes? Let us know.

10. Harrison Ford in Stars Wars (1977)

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“May the force be with you.” This famous line has become a cult symbol for the Star Wars legacy. It is said by Han Solo (Ford) to Luke, right before the attack on the Death Star battle station. The line has now been recited by at least one character in all of the Star Wars films.

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