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Love it or loathe it, The Daily Show has been a fixture on Comedy Central for almost two decades. Jon Stewart recently announced that he was stepping down as host of the hit “fake news” program, and its anybody’s guess who might replace him (can anyone fill those shoes?). There’s no denying the show has launched the careers of many talented comedians throughout the years. Here are 10 stars we can thank The Daily Show for.

1. Jon Stewart

Let’s start with the man who has anchored the program for 16 years with such pointed wit and satirical silliness, a generation of liberal-leaning fans considers him their main source of news and political/media commentary. Stewart was a semi-successful stand-up and occasional B-list actor before helming The Daily Show. This gig has catapulted him to icon-status, and the show has won 20 Emmy Awards during his tenure. He recently directed the film, Rosewater, about an Iranian-born journalist. He will be a hard act to follow, but the show – and Stewart’s career – will no doubt go on.

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