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Ask any adult what their teenage years were like, and chances are you’d hear words like reckless or wild. Even the craziest of teenagers, however, don’t dream of becoming parents before reaching the legal age of marriage. So, it’s surprising to see how many celebs had a kid or two during their teenage years. Here are 10 celebs who became parents at an age when they were still essentially children themselves.

1. Keisha Castle Hughes’s Teenage Pregnancy

Keisha Castle Hughes

Whale Rider star Hughes was nominated for an Oscar when she was just 13! She’s an early bloomer in more than one respect. She was still 11 months shy of legal adulthood when her bundle of joy entered the world. The New Zealand actress became pregnant with boyfriend Bradley Hull’s child by accident. Keisha regards her unplanned debut into motherhood at age 17 to have “been a blessing.”

2. Niki Taylor Had Twins Before 18!

Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor’s twins are the legacy of a whirlwind marriage that began when she was barely 18. Like many lovestruck young couples, she and boyfriend Matt Martinez impulsively tied the knot just three months into their relationship. Niki was pregnant with twin boys, Hunter and Jake, shortly after. Niki became a mother of two at 19, and unfortunately a single mother at 21. Now 39, the supermodel thinks she had a lot on her plate with her two teenage sons. We think that’s an understatement.

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