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Hollywood divorces are typically ugly, but child custody battles make things downright nasty. Some celebs choose to stay together for the kids benefit, or reach amicable agreements on shared childcare and support. But often the custody battles become so bitter neither side is willing to give an inch. This results in drawn out sagas of courtroom fights and public slandering. The exes are so bent on sticking it to each other, but its the kids that get hurt in the end. Here are 9 celebrity custody battles that we wish, for the sake of the children, had never happened.

1. Peter Cook’s Affair Caused The Split Between Him & Brinkley

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's long custody battles
Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

Cook and Brinkley were once happily married and raising their children, Sailor (their daughter) and Jack (her son from a previous relationship, whom Cook adopted). However the couple split in 2006 when Brinkley learned of Cook’s affair with his 18 year old assistant. Both parties played it out in a public war of words, and the tabloids had a heyday with the story. Brinkley spilled details pf Cook’s alleged $3000 a month porn habit and ill treatment of her eldest daughter, Alexa Ray Joel. Cook lashed back with denials and defenses that cast Brinkley in a bad light. It took years to reach a settlement and custody arrangement, and yet they still never miss an opportunity to lambast each other.

2. Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s Long Custody Battles

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow 2
Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

While these two were never formally married, they had one of the most complex and convoluted custody battles in Hollywood history. The couple had one biological child and two adopted children, with Farrow’s other adopted and biological children rounding out the family unit. When news broke of Allen’s affair with Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon Yi, the couple naturally split (that’s kind of a deal breaker in most households). Yet Allen still wanted to be a part of his three kids’ lives. The ensuing custody battle was heated and all sorts of accusations were flung about by both parties. Allen’s lawyers claimed Farrow was an unfit mother. Farrow claimed Allen had sexually assaulted their daughter. In the end, Farrow won out, gaining sole custody of all the children.

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