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If there’s one event every star wants to attend, it’s the Oscars. The Annual Academy Awards is one occasion where you find the hottest celebrities on the red carpet. These A-listers are the trendsetters when it comes to fashion, and when they all congregate at one place the fashion stakes are very high. Every star wants to come looking their best and stand out from the crowd. But sometimes celebs choose a look that is a bit too unique, and catches people’s eyes for all the wrong reasons. Here are 10 celebrities who ignored all fashion sense and have made our list of Oscars worst dressed of all time. The envelope please…

1. Jennifer Garner Ruined With Ruffles

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

Garner’s purple Gucci gown complements her figure well, and looking from the front the simplistic design looks quite appropriate. Less appropriate are the plume-like ruffles running down the back of her dress. They not only ruin the focus on Garner’s svelte figure, but also look completely out of place within the overall design.

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