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He dominates the news every day. He terrifies half the country and invigorates the other half (minus a few million votes). He is Donald Trump, the newest (ugh) leader of the free world and just weeks into his administration, this former business “tycoon” looms large over the entire world. Except the forty-fifth President of the United States is a chump, folks, and he deserves to be brought down to size a little bit. While there’s an entire legion of “fake news” reporters out there working on doing the metaphorical job, a group of intrepid photoshop artists have taken to reddit’s r/TinyTrump to get the job done literally. Or, at least as literally as possible. Here, for your consideration, are some of the best moments from one of reddit’s newest guilty pleasures.

1. President Obama Doesn’t Want Anyone to Be Left Out at Picture Time


2. The Probable First Draft of TIME Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ Issue Concerning the Prez


3. I Love You, Tiny Trump, Because You’re Really Helping Cement My Legacy


4. Five Bucks Tiffany Has This Exact Picture Hanging Somewhere in Her House


5. Suddenly, Anderson Cooper Was Re-Thinking His Aggressive Line of Questioning Against Such an Obviously Helpless Target


6. Donny Tries to Be Real Quiet While Mr. Bannon Does the Big Boy Work


7. Can We Make This Quick? Nap Time Is Coming Soon and I Need My Midday Six Hours or I’m Useless


8. He Better Hope He Isn’t Successful, Because Michelle Would End Him


9. Putin Spent Twenty Minutes Looking for Trump’s Betsy DeVos Doll. The President Refused to Be Put Down Without It


10. I Know! If Someone Asks a Question I Don’t Know the Answer To, I’ll Just Tell Them They’re Not Being Fair! It’s Brilliant.


11. It Sounded Like a Good Idea Until He Was Strapped Into the Babybjorn


12. The Army Arranged a ‘Demonstration’ to Help 45 Feel Less Inadequate


13. Guys, This New Healthcare Plan Is Gonna Be YUGE. Pay Attention, Pence


14. Everything Is NOT Awesome!


15. This Optimistic Redditor Is Giving New Meaning To Trump’s Love of Grabbing … Well, You Know


16. It’s My Candy, I Paid For It. Let This Be a Learning Moment, Small People


17. Trump’s Lesser Know First Appearance in the Wrestling Ring


18. Troompa Loompa Doompity Do, I’ve Got Another Scandal For You

tiny trump

19. The Reddit Header Is Too Good to Change: “Pence Is so Proud That Tiny Trump Is Behaving Himself for Once. He Might Even Take Him for Ice Cream as a Reward.”


20. This One Hurts Because It’s True


21. Now, Trump, Look at Me When I’m Talking to You, I Can’t Run This Puppet Regime on My Own


22. It’s Okay, Vladdy, Just a Few More Hours and Then His Parents Will Come Pick Him Up


23. This is Why the Press Don’t Show Up Around Meal Time at the White House


24. Originally, Melania Thought She Was Signing Up to Be an Au Pair

Au pair

25. It’s Amazing the Way a Camera Can Make Someone Look Normal Sized on Screen These Days


26. They Let Me Sit in a Chair Without a Booster Seat! I Only Fell Out Twice!


27. ‘Anyone Mentioning My Stool in Print Will Never Be Allowed Back in the Press Room … Looking at You, Failing CNN.’

Press Room

28. Darn, Straightening the Tie Was MY Power Move. My Step Ladder Was Almost Here, Too


29. That’s a Very Spiffy Robe, Donald. You’re Right, You DO Look Like a ‘High Roller’


30. Don’t Worry, Vladimir, Steve Said This Fort was Impeachment Proof


31. It’s the Little Moments in Which These Relationships Truly Blossom Into Something Special

trump putin

32. And Here We Have Donald Trump, Arriving For His First Day of Work and Wearing a Suit His Mommy Says He’ll Definitely Grow Into


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