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The wearing of furs has long been regarded as a sign of wealth and prosperity and many celebrities wear animal-based products to emphasize their affluence (like we didn’t already know how rich they are). Some celebs argue that it’s their “choice,” but if they only knew how these products were made, maybe their viewpoint would be slightly different. PETA has taken a strong disliking to these seven celebs who wear fur, especially because a few of these stars claim to live a vegan lifestyle. Can you say contradiction?

1. Kim Kardashian

Khloe proudly posed for PETA’s anti-fur campaign in 2009, but one Kardashian sister who will not give up wearing animal skins is Kim. Three years ago, after Kim was flour-bombed on a red carpet by a PETA activist, she defended her decision to wear furs saying that it’s her “choice.”

kim kardashian proved the struggle is real
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