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2. Somebody Around Here Is Azor Ahai …

People who have stuck solely to the TV series probably have no clue who or what an Azor Ahai is. HBO watchers will instead recognize Azor Ahai’s title, “The Prince That Was Promised.” Essentially, the book’s histories hold that this ancient hero and noted White Walker slayer Azor Ahai will come back to life at a time of great need to wield a flaming sword and stand against the Others. Right now, the two most likely candidates for Azor Ahai reborn are Daenerys Targaryan and John Snow. In myth, Azor Ahai is closely linked with dragons (he’s able to raise them from the stone). To date, we’ve seen John Snow rock a flaming sword and we’ve seen Dany bring some dragons to life, so it’s still anyone’s game.


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