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When David Chase and HBO launched The Sopranos in 1999, few people had any idea that the critically lauded mob drama would not only launch HBO into the realm of legitimate TV-maker, it would influence modern drama in the decades to come. Chase’s interchangeably soulful and unflinching look at the life and times of a New Jersey mob boss named Tony Soprano. Over the source of six seasons, several mistresses, tons of existential philosophy, and more dead bodies than you can bury in a Jersey landfill, The Sopranos proved that thought-provoking TV didn’t have to be boring. For everyone who thrilled at Tony Soprano’s dark journey, here are some things about the iconic television show you may not know.

1. James Gandolfini Got Real World Advice, Whether He Wanted It or Not

As the star of The Sopranos, James Gandolfini received rave reviews from critics in both worlds. According to the star, he was often contacted by real mobsters who would both praise his performance and offer him some tips on how things really got done on the streets.


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