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Coronation Street is the world’s longest running soap opera, premiering way back in 1960 and still going strong today. The show is a cultural institution in the UK, and is beloved by generations of fans around the world. It takes place in the fictional town of Weatherfield, UK and features a collection of down-to-earth working class characters who meet up in the various row houses, shops, cafés and, of course, the neighborhood pub. The storylines are generally about everyday issues and relationships, with the occasional flair of soap opera dramatics. Here are some things you never knew about Corrie.

1. Bill Tarmey took real punches

Bill Tarmey played Jack Duckworth on the show and would never duck out of the way when Liz Dawn’s Vera was scripted to hit him. “If the script called for Vera to hit Jack, Bill always used to tell me that he’d duck out of the way. But he never did. He used to have lumps all over him. I swear to God, I once hit him with a frozen fish and sent him flying over a table.”

bill tarmey

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