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2. He Really, REALLY Hates Dippin’ Dots

Over the course of seven years, Sean Spicer has used his Twitter account to wage a one-man war against Dippin’ Dots, the minuscule freeze-dried ice cream balls that come in a variety of colors, but only one flavor. Not sure what it’s called, but it’s what “holy crap, why did I put dry ice directly on my tongue!” tastes like. Perhaps because he made the mistake of shelling out six bucks at a ball game for the inedible frozen concoction, the Press Secretary has taken it upon himself to inform the public on several occasions, that Dippin’ Dots — which bills itself as the ice cream of the future — is definitely NOT from the future. Just know, people, that they are not shipping the stuff back from the future via time machine, regardless of what their slogan says.


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