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Since 2013, many fans of One Direction have theorized that members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are much closer than the rest of the band. Some fans have gone as far as to call the pair “Larry Stylinson.” These Larry shippers (a term that stems from relation-shippers) truly believe in the love affair between the two young men. However, One Direction’s management team has been determined to prove that Styles and Tomlinson are nothing more than close friends. Both band members have been in serious relationships with females, and this year Tomlinson is expecting a child with stylist Briana Jungwirth, but some fans will still not give up on the theory. We have to admit, there is some compelling evidence to fuel these speculations. Here are ten times Harry and Louis were the greatest untold love story of One Direction.

1. When They Changed the Lyrics

One lyrical change occurred while the band was performing “Save You Tonight.” The original lyrics are:

“What you want, what you need, Has been right here, yeah, I can see that you’re holding back those tears, tears.”

Harry actually sang the last verse as,

“I can see that you’re wiping off my beard, beard.”

A beard is someone “who is used, knowingly or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner (boyfriend or girlfriend), or spouse either to conceal infidelity or to conceal one’s sexual orientation.” Fans say this is what Eleanor Calder was to Louis and Taylor Swift was to Harry. Another lyric change occurred during a performance of “Little Things.” The original lyrics are:

“And I’m in love with you, And all these little things.”

Harry actually sang,

“I’m in love with Lou and all of HIS little things.”

Watch Louis’ reaction in the clip below.

2. When They Got Matching Tattoos

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Larry Stylinson “shippers” believe that Louis and Harry’s matching tattoos are a dead giveaway of their love affair. The band members have a few matching tattoos. Some of the most significant ones are a ship and compass, rose and dagger, birdcage and birds, rope and anchor, and heart and arrow. Harry claims the pirate ship on his shoulder reminds him of home, and Louis has said that the compass on his forearm is pointing towards his home in England. However, fans insist that the matching marine tattoos mean that Harry and Louis consider one another home, or that a ship always needs its compass to find its way. Harry had a rose drawn on his forearm and Louis got a dagger in the exact same spot less than a year later. Supposedly, a rose with a dagger through it symbolizes that you’re willing to kill for love/those you love. Harry also has a birdcage inked on his ribcage, while Louis has birds flying on his wrist. Shippers believe that the matching tattoos seen below are more than just a coincidence.

harry styles tattoos

3. When They’re Asked about Their Love Lives

Both Louis and Harry use gender neutral terms when asked about their love lives or their “perfect girl.” When Liam and Harry were being interviewed on a British on-demand entertainment show about their perfect girl, Liam says, “female” and Harry responds “not that important.” When asked about his perfect girl in interviews, Harry always responds with “someone,” rather than “she,” as does Louis.

louis tomlinson and harry styles
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4. When Louis Was Asked About his Most Romantic Gesture

At one time, Louis and Harry were roommates. When Louis first learned how to cook, Harry was there and posted pictures to social media. During interviews, when Louis has been asked what’s the most romantic thing he’s done for a girl, he has said cooking. His favorite meal to make is “chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash.” Harry is known to subtly nod and smile when Louis gives this response. Fans agree that this insinuates that Harry was there, and therefore Louis’ most romantic gesture was for Harry.

louis tomlinson
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5. When Harry Was Asked About Kissing Girls

During an interview, when Harry Styles was asked about the last time he’d kissed a girl, he paused and then band mate Niall jumped in and asked “When’s the last time you liked it.” Harry just blushed and did not respond. Cheeky, Niall.

harry styles
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6. “Harry, Are You Good with Your Hands?”

During an interview featuring Harry, Liam and Louis, Harry was asked if he’s good with his hands. His response was “I used to be quite good at wood tech at school.” Louis jumps in and says, “Really good.” Now, some may say that this example is exaggerated, but in interviews it’s obvious that the pair poke fun at their relationship without actually exposing anything. Decide for yourself by watching the clip below.

7. “What Were You Doing Yesterday?”

During an interview with a German radio station, Harry was asked “What were you doing yesterday?” Louis responds with, “Trying to walk.” Then Liam laughs nervously and Niall looks flustered and attempts to respond. Louis is obviously alluding to something. We’ll let you be the judge. Click from 3:07 on this Youtube clip.

harry styles
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8. “Who’s In Front and Who’s Behind?”

One interviewer actually asked this question to Louis and Harry, supposedly talking about being competitive while playing Mario Kart. Harry asks the interviewer, “So between me and Louis, who’s in front and who’s behind?” Louis cheekily replies, “I think we kind of share that, really. Sometimes you (Harry) take the front.” Harry then says, “Sometime I take the front. If he’s a bit tired, I’ll go and push him along.” Louis then says, “We’re both quite generous to each other.” Watch the clip below and see if you notice any double meaning here.

9. When They Had Fake Girlfriends

Many Larry shippers agree that the relationships Harry and Louis have with women are not real. Larry theorists believe that One Direction’s management team play a role in publicizing Louis and Harry’s heterosexual relationships to dispel the gay rumors. Fans even criticized Louis’ unamused expressions when he appeared in photos with his ex-girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. Other fans have even reported that they’ve seen photoshopped pictures of Louis and Eleanor together. Harry, on the other hand, has not been in many relationships with women although there are many rumors. He did date Taylor Swift for a short period and here’s what he had to say about the pop star: “She’s a really lovely girl. Honestly, she couldn’t be a sweeter person and she’s extremely talented.” Doesn’t sounds too gushy. Sounds like he’s describing more of a platonic relationship to us.

louis tomlinson
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10. How Management Tries to Keep Them Apart

Aside from supposedly creating fake heterosexual relationships for the boys, their management team has also tried to keep them apart physically, since the Larry rumors first began a few years ago. During one interview we can hear Harry acknowledging his relationship with Louis, but management says that it must come out of the interview. During appearances, Harry and Louis are often advised not to sit next to one another. They’re also not allowed to appear next to one another on red carpets or during interviews. Kind of curious, right?

Let us know what you think below. Are Harry and Louis secretly in love? Is Larry Stylinson real?

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