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Whether you like to shake it, work it or just plain move it, it’s fun to revisit some of the following dance crazes that seemingly had the whole world grooving for at least a few weeks. In fact, if you head out to a nightclub or wedding reception, you might still see some folks moving to these dances today. Some are laughably retro, while others are contemporary fads that will no doubt fade into nostalgia soon enough. Way back there was the Charleston, jitterbug, twist and the like, but since the 1980s there have been plenty of trendy ways to strut to music. So go ahead and boot-scoot down Memory Lane to see if you (or your parents) remember the following dance crazes.

1. Twerking

Twerking is a sexually provocative form of dance that seemed to reach its pinnacle when singer and actress Miley Cyrus twerked for Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMA show. The low squats and hip thrusts of twerking have been around years before Miley, but it may never be the same since the former Disney star brought the twerk into the spotlight. In fact, you might want to be careful where exactly you twerk; you might just find yourself kicked out of the prom.

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