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In spite of the rumors that indicated Daniel Craig’s days as the world’s greatest super spy might be coming to a close, it looks like he might be stepping into his tuxedo for one last romp. Oscar nominee (and Moneypenny herself) Naomie Harris has indicated that Craig just might come back on board for another round of espionage action. But, should he? Craig has already laid his claim as perhaps the greatest incarnation of Ian Fleming’s super suave spy. Maybe it’s time for him to hang up his bowtie and let another up-and-comer have a shot at the title. After all, as much life as Craig breathed into the character, James Bond is getting a little bit … rote. Isn’t it time to think about switching things up and using an actor (or actress) who can bring something new to the role? Here are a few people who just might bring some enthusiasm and creativity to the role of James Bond, 007.

1. John Boyega

We know that John Boyega (Finn, from Star Wars Episode VII) looks convincing when he’s kicking some butt, and thanks to some pretty impressive turns in films like Imperial Dreams, we know that Boyega has real acting chops. Just put the man in a suit, send him after terrorists, and sign me up.


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