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Ever since artists began to translate their ideas to the screen, men and women alike have found themselves strangely drawn to the exotic. As science fiction has developed over the last several decades, audiences have been treated to alien species both terrifying and irresistible. Through the artist’s lens, we have found ourselves drawn to creatures that we could never imagine, we’ve found objects of desire that are both oddly familiar and hauntingly foreign. As varied as they might be, each new alien has one thing in common: we simply can’t get them out of our heads. Here are 14 aliens that have earned their place as some of the hottest in pop culture.

1. Number Six – Tricia Helfer

If we must endure annihilation, please let it come at the hands of a race of evil robots who use Tricia Helfer as their mouthpiece. We can absolutely understand why the Cylons would pick Number Six to represent them early on. When this woman talks you listen (usually while drooling a little bit). The Battlestar Galactica baddie was always a threat, but never any trouble.


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