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Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that the person you take to bed in no way determines your ability to kick some serious butt. Yet, this revelation is still something of a new concept to a large portion of society. Thankfully, that’s changing. As more and more artists represent LGBT people who take up the reigns of justice (or set out to destroy society), the obviously false notion that gay people can’t throw down is slowly going out the window. And that’s good for everybody, but mostly fans of comics. So here, for your consideration, are some superheroes and villains who are proud to be both homosexual and super-powered. Excelsior!

1. Batwoman is a Jewish Lesbian. How’s That for Diversity?

It’s funny to think that — for the longest time — there were rumors swirling around the nature of Batman and Robin’s relationship when they weren’t fighting crime. While those rumors have never panned out (but no one’s discounting them), the Dynamic Duo have a lesbian friend named Kate Kane, a former soldier who shares the cape and cowl with Bruce Wayne.


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