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Lin-Manuel Miranda might not have known he had a smash hit on his hands when he wrote Hamilton, but the Broadway musical is already one of the most successful shows of all time. Since opening in 2015, and with an amazing number of fans who haven’t actually seen it, the groundbreaking Hamilton continues to surpass expectations with momentum that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So why all the fuss about a show with no marquee names, no special affects and almost no white actors?

1. Hamilton is a historical hip-hop musical

It tells the true story of a Caribbean-born orphan immigrant who rises through the ranks of society, is instrumental in the Revolution and becomes one of the Founding Father’s of America, only to be (spoiler alert if you’re not up on history) gunned down by his rival, Aaron Burr. On paper, it sounds like it could be a real snooze fest and kind of corny with all that modern music in the mix, but through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s mastery, it works like magic.


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