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While audiences’ initial introduction to witches was more of the “Double, double toil and trouble” hag variety, it didn’t take Hollywood too long to give these vixens of the Dark Arts a hot and tempting makeover. Ever since the sultry, seductive image of the witch was introduced into pop culture, it seems that audience simply can’t get enough of these nocturnal temptresses who make bargains with the devil and corrupt men’s souls by the light of the full moon. Honestly, it’s not surprising Hollywood can’t get enough of these magical ladies. Here are fifteen of the most memorable and alluring witches in film and TV history.

1. Samantha Stephens, ‘Bewitched’

No other witch in the annals of fiction has quite the same appeal as Elizabeth Montgomery as charming housewife Samantha Stephens. The friendly-looking blonde was somehow sweet and strong, intelligent and kooky. She was bright-eyed, comfortable in her skin, and no one else in the history of TV has ever lent such an air of adorableness to a nose wriggle, not even Nicole Kidman when she reprised the role in 2005.


2. Sukie Ridgemont, ‘The Witches of Eastwick’

Yes, there are three extremely attractive women in The Witches of Eastwick. Cher had yet to go all diva, and as such was still blindingly beautiful. Susan Sarandon’s self-assured sexuality is always undeniable. But neither of these women can compare to Michell Pfeiffer in her prime. In the 1980s, staring at Pfeiffer for too long was like staring at the sun. As undeniably attractive as her costars were, it was innocent Sukie Ridgemont who outshined the rest of the coven on screen.

Witches of Eastwick

3. Hermione Granger, ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise

Of course, we’re just talking about Hermione in the latter years, not the frizzy haired tween we knew and loved during her first few forms at Hogwarts. Before fifth or sixth Form, it would just be inappropriate and creepy to evaluate her relative hotness. But she certainly did blossom nicely, and was smart as a whip to boot. That’s always a bewitching combination.

Hermione Granger

4. Sally and Gillian Owens, ‘Practical Magic’

It’s kind of difficult to pick between Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. Both women possess certain undeniably desirable traits, and yet both women have a charm that’s all their own. These talents combined effortlessly when both women played the troubled Owens sisters in 1998’s Practical Magic. Whether it’s Sally Owens’ (Bullock) stable beauty, or Gillian Owens’ (Kidman) wandering allure, both sisters are undeniably hot witches.

Practical Magic

5. Any of the Ladies From ‘Charmed’

Aaron Spelling’s last produced TV series was basically just a parade of hot women doing magic. Outside of Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano (the three cuties playing the leads), Charmed also managed to find room for additional hotties Rose McGowan and Kaley Cuoco down the road. It may not have been the highest caliber of productions, but who needs quality when you’ve got these women (and a host of model-level male eye-candy) striking seductive poses and banishing the forces of evil.

Charmed original cast

6. Marry Popins, ‘Mary Poppins’

Either Mary Poppins was a magic-wielding witch, or we’re all comfortable with the fact that she force fed LSD to a bunch of British kids. How else did they get to dance around with cartoon penguins? Either way, there are few women in film history who could compare to Julie Andrews in her prime. Imagine how difficult it would be to convey hotness when you’re wearing six layers of undergarments, your hair is pulled back, and you’re buttoned up to your neck.

Mary Poppins

7. Glinda and Theodora, ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’

Two sides of the same coin, the women who would become the Good and Wicked Witches started out as incredibly attractive ladies. Whether you’re a fan of blondes or brunettes, naughty women or goody two-shoes, the ladies of Oz the Great and Powerful have something to tickle your fancy. Michelle Williams is at her finest (looking) as Glenda while Mila Kunis smolders as the conflicted Theodora. Rachel Weitz’ evil Evanora was easy on the eyes, too.

Oz the Great and Powerful

8. The Evil Queen, ‘Once Upon A Time’

In the small town of Storybrooke, Regina Mills started out as the big bad, the scheming mastermind of a decades old curse. Since then, the conflicted character who has emerged over the course of Once Upon a Time’s never-ending story (embodied by the lovely Lana Parilla) has taken a winding path from evildoer to good guy and back again. At every stage, though, Parilla has imbued her with an undeniable allure.

Evil Queen Once Upon a Time

9. Annie Wilson, ‘The Gift’

Maybe it’s the cheekbones; maybe it’s the dreamy blue-eyed stare. Whatever your reasons, Cate Blanchett’s performance in The Gift is as powerful as it is attractive. Blanchett is obviously one of the best (if not the best) actress working today, so it’s almost not fair that she got to be insanely beautiful in addition to extremely talented. That same compliment could be attributed nearly all of her roles, honestly, but in The Gift she does the hot-looking, good acting thing as a mystical psychic.

Actress Cate Blanchett
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10. The Mirror Queen, ‘The Brothers Grimm’

Are there flaws to Terry Gilliam’s The Brother’s Grimm? Absolutely … but none of those flaws can be found in the casting of Monica Bellucci as the film’s big bad. The Italian model didn’t muck up her performance with a whole lot of talking; it’s mostly just her looking menacing in low cut dresses, which is an acting choice that that’s hard to find fault with. Okay, the rest of the movie may have been lackluster (it had it’s moments), but Bellucci’s performance is one for the enchantress record books.

Actress Monica Belluccih
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11. Sabrina Spellman, ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

For teenage boys the world over, there were few women more attractive in the ’90s than Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Played by the ultimate girl next door, Melissa Joan Heart, Sabrina was a teenager with a slight advantage. She may not have played the show for her looks, but pretty much everything is about sex when you’re a fifteen-year-old boy. Incidentally, it might be worth noting that objectifying high school-aged Sabrina isn’t quite the same as lusting after Hermione, as Heart was actually 20 when shooting on the series began.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart
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12. Any of the Ladies From ‘The Craft’

For those that haven’t seen it, The Craft is the story of a beautiful loser who moves to a new town and takes up with other beautiful losers (and Fairuza Balk), all of whom can do magic. Then, there’s some stuff about mean girls in high school and power corrupting and yada yada yada. The point is, fully three-quarters of the women in the little coven are smoking hot. Also, Fairuza Balk is there. They basically mope around in Catholic school girl uniforms until Robin Tunney kicks Balk’s corrupt butt in a pretty sweet fight at the end. Maybe it’s not art, but it’s definitely worth a look. Preferably while the TV is on mute.

The Craft

13. Queen Ravenna, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

While the big story on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman was the affair between the director and the film’s waifish lead, the film’s real beauty, talent and poise emanated from the evil Queen Ravenna. Which, duh, when a role is tackled by the gorgeous and talented Charlize Theron, you know the character will inevitably be hot unless a Rick Baker level of makeup is applied. Theron is on that Cate Blanchett level of players who are both immensely talented and drop dead gorgeous. It would be unfair if audiences didn’t get the pleasure of basking in Theron’s awesomeness on a regular basis.

Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna

14. Willow, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Over the course of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s seven seasons, Alyson Hannigan’s witchy Willow Rosenberg became one of the fans’ most beloved cast members, a fact which is due almost entirely to Hannigan’s heart-rending performance. Whether she’s an innocent girl on the verge of womanhood or a sultry vixen hell-bent on destroying the world, Hannigan turns Willow into a complex, vulnerable, powerful woman who’s sexy by just about every definition of the word.

Willow ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

15. Elvira, ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’

It started out as just a gig hosting late night horror movies in Los Angeles, but Cassandra Peterson’s kitschy, sexy Elvira (a character the actress crafted from the bottom up) soon caught on with the whole world. The international sex symbol went from local TV star to international brand, even getting her own movie in 1988. And why not? This goth Valley girl with the best cleavage in horror history is a cherished member of the hot witches club.

Actress Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)
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16. Minerva McGonagall, ‘Harry Potter’ series

If you like your hotties with a little more experience, then Maggie Smith’s sultry Minerva McGonagall is probably your cup of tea. She’s strong, knowledgeable, and stalwart. She’s got a Scottish lilt that will make your heart flutter. Sure, she may be getting on in years, but the way Maggie Smith looks down her nose will make you weak in the knees.

Minerva McGonagall

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