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Calling all anglophiles! If you’re the kind of person who’s aching for a supplement to your Downton Abbey sessions, then Netflix has you covered with a heaping helping of British imports. Discerning fans know that creative types do things a little differently in the UK, and that slightly altered perspective makes for some magical television. No matter your tastes, your favorite streaming service has something from across the pond that will certainly keep you satisfied. From comedies to mysteries, action to soap operas, we’ve hunted the very best in British TV that will keep you occupied for months to come.

1. Planet Earth

For the academic types or even those who just love some lush eye candy, here comes Planet Earth, a nature series produced by the BBC in 2006. It was one of the first ever series shot in high definition and the results are simply jaw-dropping. Each of Planet Earth’s ten episodes focuses on a different biome and all the flora and fauna that dwell within. And every frame is captured in beautiful high definition for your viewing enjoyment.

Planet Earth show

2. The IT Crowd

What kind of trouble can three misfits get into when they’re crammed into a basement and largely unsupervised? Lots, that’s what. In The IT Crowd, new manager Jen Barber is tasked with wrangling the genius and the slacker who operate a large, nebulous company’s IT department. The trio once lovingly described as, “a dynamic go-getter, a genius and a man from Ireland” are the despised technical wizards who keep one of Great Britain’s biggest communication companies running. Also, the always hilarious Chris O’Dowd is there.

The IT Crowd

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