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While audiences’ initial introduction to witches was more of the “Double, double toil and trouble” hag variety, it didn’t take Hollywood too long to give these vixens of the Dark Arts a hot and tempting makeover. Ever since the sultry, seductive image of the witch was introduced into pop culture, it seems that audience simply can’t get enough of these nocturnal temptresses who make bargains with the devil and corrupt men’s souls by the light of the full moon. Honestly, it’s not surprising Hollywood can’t get enough of these magical ladies. Here are fifteen of the most memorable and alluring witches in film and TV history.

1. Samantha Stephens, ‘Bewitched’

No other witch in the annals of fiction has quite the same appeal as Elizabeth Montgomery as charming housewife Samantha Stephens. The friendly-looking blonde was somehow sweet and strong, intelligent and kooky. She was bright-eyed, comfortable in her skin, and no one else in the history of TV has ever lent such an air of adorableness to a nose wriggle, not even Nicole Kidman when she reprised the role in 2005.


2. Sukie Ridgemont, ‘The Witches of Eastwick’

Yes, there are three extremely attractive women in The Witches of Eastwick. Cher had yet to go all diva, and as such was still blindingly beautiful. Susan Sarandon’s self-assured sexuality is always undeniable. But neither of these women can compare to Michell Pfeiffer in her prime. In the 1980s, staring at Pfeiffer for too long was like staring at the sun. As undeniably attractive as her costars were, it was innocent Sukie Ridgemont who outshined the rest of the coven on screen.

Witches of Eastwick

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