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Okay, it’s absolutely unfair to say that any parent is perfect. After all, everybody makes mistakes or takes their eye off the ball at some point. Sometimes your kid might wander off for a few harrowing moments or they hurt themselves while in your care. No big deal, kids bounce and the world isn’t quite as dangerous as CNN would have you believe. But, those are normal parenting errors. Then, there are the parents who think they’re spending quality bonding time with the children while they’re actually doing real long term damage. Celebrity parents are no better either, here are a few, educating their children in the mystical ways of the white trash lifestyle.

1. When I Was a Kid, Either You Learned to Swim or Your Parents Started Working on a New Kid

Diving Board

2. It’s Cool, Man, The Kid’s Asleep So I Can Definitely Do One Beer Bong

Beer Bong

3. You Know the Kids at School Call You the Weird Naked People, Right?


4. Exactly What Kind of Message Does “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Send To Your Kids

Exactly What Kind of Message Does "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Send To Your Kids
Exactly What Kind of Message Does "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Send To Your Kids

5. What? The Child is Just Learning to Defend the Country Against the Fallout of a Trump Presidency. It’s the Pug I’m Worried About … Too Young to Be That Close to Guns

Gun Baby

6. This Crossed the Border into Creepy Town Some Way Back


7. I Mean, I Get the Motivation, But You Shouldn’t Actually Do It

Baby in a dog cage

8. Don’t Call Her a Bad Parent … The Kid Still Hasn’t Hit the Ground Yet


9. Wait for it…

Mom selfie

10. This One Might Actually Haunt Your Dreams

Kid Cry

11. Who Can Forget this Incident? Truly Horrifying!

Michael Jackson Dangles Baby
Michael Jackson Dangles Baby -

12. Well, You Don’t Want the Gasoline Sloshing Around the Car. That’s Dangerous.

Kid brains are totally fine, though.


13. Oh It’s Fine, Old Squeezy Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

Snake in a tub

14. I Mean, There’s No Photographic Proof, But Come On …

Kim and Kanye

15. Smoking the Weed So Close is Bad Enough, But Did You Need to Rub Her Nose in it By Rolling the Biggest Joint in Human History?

Huge Joint

16. That’ll Teach Her To Wet Herself

Child in a Drawer

17. In Florida, There’s No Such Thing as ‘Too young For Fishnet’


18. One of These Parents Needs to Check the Instruction on His Papoose

Kid in the Wrong Way

19. Oh, Like Every Parent is Just Stuffed to the Gills With Baby Carriage Money

Low Cost Baby Carriage

20. Sometimes You Have Break Some Rules to Commune With Nature


21. Don’t Worry, Mommy’s Here!

Zombie Mom

22. Well, Every Child Has to Have a First Head Injury at Some Point

Baby on Four Wheeler

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