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What is life? When does a thing stop being artificial and start simply being? More importantly, when is it okay to find a metal and plastic construct super attractive? Hollywood has toying with these heady ideas for decades, creating robots that question the very nature of existence, and the very nature of ‘hotness’. The overwhelming answer to both questions seems to be that both life and a killer bod can spring from anywhere, even the most inanimate of starting points. Here, for your consideration, are 15 of the hottest robots in TV and movie history.

1. Ava, ‘Ex Machina’

Not only is Ex Machina one of the best films released this year, it also features a powerful performance from one hot ‘bot. That is, Alicia Vikander embodies the sultry Ava, a burgeoning A.I. experimenting with an urge for freedom. The entire film is incredibly well done, with fine performances from Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson (both of whom can be seen in prominent roles in The Force Awakens), but it’s Vikander’s captivating Ava that really steals the show.

Ava from Ex Machina

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