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Some celebrities would rather not drag their family into the fame game. They try to keep their kids and personal busisness from the public eye. Sometimes, however, celebrities take this secrecy blanket to extreme lengths. Instead of deflecting public interest, they manage to rouse it. Case in point are celebrities who refuse to identify the father of their child or children. Now we have no business snooping around, but we really can’t help being curious, can we? Here are five celebrities who haven’t publically named their child’s father. Can you guess who the baby daddy is?

1. Who is Camryn Manheim’s Sperm Donor?

Camryn Manheim
Camryn Manheim

Camryn wanted a child before she hit the big 4-0, and she managed to get one. That’s all we know, since she refuses to divulge the name of son Milo’s, father. The gossip vine has decided that it could be model Jeffrey Bezovar, since the he has claimed in public that he was the donor of sperm to a celebrity mom. Was the The Practice star the recipient?

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