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Some of the best selling books that were made into movies have been phenomenal adaptations. Fans truly appreciate it when they get to see beloved characters and plots come to life. However, other books on film have completely missed the mark. Not every screenwriter or director is a genius, and not every story translates well to the big screen. Here’s a list of 9 best selling books made into movies that tanked at the box office.


1. He’s Just Not That Into You Was Better as a Book

One of the great books made into movies that tanked
He’s Just Not That Into You

The inspiration for this book came from a line in the TV series Sex and the City. Writers parlayed Miranda’s relationship revelation into a popular book of dating advice. They should have stopped there. Dragging He’s Just Not That Into You into a two hour movie with stereotypical characters, interlocking storylines and mixed messages just didn’t work. The film was panned by critics, earned a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes and sunk into well deserved oblivion.




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