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Celebrities are often viewed as “gods” in our eyes and when they don’t live up to our expectations, our world is turned upside down. So to find out that some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood are complete duds in the sack is kind of a let down. Nobody likes to be outed for being bad in bed, but we have to report the facts to our readers. Guess which 10 celebrities are just “vanilla” behind closed doors?

1.Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

The man who invented Playboy, an empire built on male sexual fantasies, is not the “sex god” that we thought he was. Three of Hugh’s ex “girlfriends” have commented that his bedroom skills were sub par, saying that he didn’t last very long and sometimes would just lie there like a dead fish. But we have to cut Hugh some slack. Je’s almost 90! What grandpas do we know that don’t need some help from the little blue pill? Still, it’s upsetting to know that the man many men have placed on a pedestal for decades is bad in bed.

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