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Kim Zolciak was one of the original cast members of the Housewives of Atlanta, and ultimately went along to have her own spin off show. Her show was initially called Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding and followed her wedding preparation to her husband Kroy, and then it got picked up again and renamed Don’t Be Tardy. Here some that even big fans don’t know about Kim.

1. She’s a registered nurse

Before Kim became one of the original Atlanta housewives, she was a registered nurse. She studied nursing at the University of Connecticut and got her LPN license in 2001.

kim zolciak

2. She had an affair with a policeman when she was in high school

When Kim was only 17-years-old she had an affair a 49-year-old police sergeant after he interviewed her as a witness in a case of some sort. Someone found out and he was required to take a 45 day suspension, and then retired two years later.

kim zolciak

3. She always planned on being famous

Kim has admitted that she always had dreams of fame.

“I always wanted to be famous – my whole life. You can look at the journal I wrote at aged twelve where I said I can’t wait to have my own show by the time I’m 30. I was 29 when I started on Housewives. A lot of people want it but they don’t realize what comes with it. Your whole life is scrutinized.”

kim zolciak

4. But acknowledges the downsides it can have on her children

Kim has expressed that she isn’t bothered by what people say about her online, but she is offended over the fact that people have body shamed her daughter Ariana.

“Being in the public eye is great – I chose this life, it’s what I do. My girls are also very involved in social media and all that stuff. I have worked really hard to instill in my girls self esteem, and just to really love themselves – love every inch of yourselves.”

kim zolciak

5. She is bisexual

Kim came out as bisexual in 2010 and was once in a relationship with DJ Tracy Young. But just a week after she came out she and Tracy broke up.

kim zolciak

6. She has a line of wine

Kim has her own line of wines called Viva Diva with Viva Brand USA. The moscato bubble comes in flavors such as mango, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, chocolate, and coffee. Kim has said that wine gives her superpowers, so it would make sense that she’d like to have plenty around.

kim zolciak

7. Her ex husband spent time in prison

Kim’s first husband Dan Toce spent two and a half years at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Connecticut after pleading guilty to felony sex abuse against a minor. However Kim was long gone at that point, since they split back in 2003.

kim zolciak

8. She won’t wear Spanx

Kim hates the body shapewear Spanx, but interestingly she uses waist trainers which are probably even more constricting. She had a mini stroke which made some people question her use of the waist trainer, but she is confident it was unrelated.

kim zolciak

9. She was actually born with a hole in her heart

Kim was born with a PFO or hole in her heart. The hole is what led her to have a mini stroke, when it allowed a mini clot to block oxygen to her brain. It required surgery to completely repair.

kim zolciak

10. She keeps a tight schedule

With six children, Kim finds keeping a schedule is key. She has said:

“Believe it or not, I’m very strict about schedules. I think that maintaining everyone’s schedule is important and helps us stay organized. It’s very much a balancing act between my husband and the kids. There is always something going on throughout the day!”

kim zolciak

11. Her husband’s family doesn’t approve of her

When Kim married Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann, she did not get another extended family along with him. Kroy’s parents reportedly don’t like the way that Kim was portrayed on the show and don’t approve of the fact that she is married to Kroy with two children from a previous marriage.

kim zolciak

12. She is a little controlling in her marriage

Kim has stated that she refuses to hire hot nannies who might be an issue within her relationship with Kroy, and she also runs his Twitter account. She has said that “Social media, I feel like, could potentially destroy people’s relationships.”

kim zolciak

13. She initially wanted to be a country singer

When Kim started out she wanted to be a country singer, but instead she ended up recording three dance tracks during her time on RHOA. One of which was “Tardy For the Party” which any fan of the show has heard plenty of times.

kim zolciak

14. She quit Real Housewives of Atlanta over the health of her baby

The drama on the show was getting too real for Kim when she was pregnant with one of her sons.

“When I was pregnant with Kash, there was literally screaming and so much chaos I just thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I knew that I was done. My blood pressure was fine until I started filming that season, then it was through the roof. I had to choose my child over all of this, and I just walked out. I walked away from well over seven-figures.”

kim zolciak

15. She has said that she hated being on the show

Kim has actually said that she hated being on the show because of the way she was portrayed.

“I was made to look like a wine drinking, raging lunatic! I hated it!”

She also had some challenging relationships with other women on the show, which probably wasn’t the most comfortable thing to experience.

kim zolciak

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