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Things aren’t looking good for former conservative “It” girl, Tomi Lahren. Since the pundit came out in favor of a woman’s right to choose, she’s been steadily ostracized from the ultra-conservative community that made the commentator a regrettable household name. Though Lahren has maintained that her stance comes from a belief in limited government — or, in her words, “I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.” — her pro-choice remarks have effectively gotten her fired from a prominent role on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, because her fans (a distinctly sensitive and aggressive bunch) got the impression that Lahren was calling any Republican who championed limited government a hypocrite if they were also pro-life. Whether or not that’s true, Lahren’s time in the spotlight is most likely over, thanks to the fact that she’s managed to alienate her core fanbase. Once those guys are gone, Lahren is pretty much out of options, because she’s already alienated everyone else in America. Here, for you consideration, is some insight into Lahren’s life, combined with some of her biggest bonehead moves.

1. Right Now, She Doesn’t Even Own Her Facebook Page

This isn’t a strike against Lahren so much as it is a sign that when Glenn Beck cans somebody, he doesn’t screw around. Since being fired from TheBlaze, Lahren has lost control of her 4 million subscriber Facebook page, which is owned by TheBlaze. While negotiations are “ongoing,” Lahren still has no say on the content that Glenn Beck’s outlet currently chooses to post on the page itself.


2. An Anti-Muslim Rant Launched Her to Fame

Before the age of 22, Lahren had secured her own talk show on some network you’ve never heard of called One America News. In the wake of the Chattanooga shootings — in which five service members were shot by a mentally ill Muslim man — Tomi Lahren spoke frankly on her program. Instead of addressing the problem of the shooter’s mental health, Lahren focused on the man’s religion, calling the Chattanooga shooting an act of terrorism. Even though she acknowledged that the shooter wasn’t devout, Lahren still claimed that the attack was spawned by the growing epidemic of radical Muslims.


3. She Got Ripped Apart By Trevor Noah

Lahren’s appearance on The Daily Show didn’t go well for the 24 year old, but it sure is funny. Especially the part where she compares the Black Lives Matter Movement to the Ku Klux Klan. Yeah.


4. She Used Her Social Media Weight to Rally Trump Votes

Tomi Lahren has long been one of 45’s most vocal supporters. Throughout the election, Lahren not only championed Trump’s various dubious messages through her social media accounts — she claims about 5 million supporters across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — she worked for the campaign as an informal social media advisor. Trump even called her to say thanks when he won.


5. She Got a Lot of Attention for Yelling at Colin Kaepernick

In case you missed it, this previous NFL season, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem as a means of protesting the treatment of black Americans. In response to this, Lahren called Kaepernick a “whiny, indulgent, attention-seeking cry baby.”


6. She Resents the Nickname ‘White Power Barbie’

In spite of the fact that she’s been largely tagged as the young, fresh face of the alt-right movement — a corner of the Republican party that’s proud of its white nationalist beliefs — Tomi Lahren has been quoted as calling the alt-right, “disgusting.” Again, though, for some reason, her rants are often cheered by the alt-right and its supporters. Weird, right?


7. She Has Dared to Take on Beyoncé

Following Beyoncé’s appearance at the Super Bowl (in which her back up dancers dressed in outfits reminiscent of the Black Panther movement), people lost their minds. Excuse me, some stupid, conservative white people lost their minds, because apparently Beyoncé is the first singer to speak out about a hot button issue in her music. Tomi Lahren was one of those upset white people. The host said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if she cared as much about violence in black communities as she does shaking her butt at the Super Bowl… that will be the day.”


8. Jay-Z Has Mocked Her in a Song

Perhaps prompted by the attack on Beyoncé, but when he appeared in Pusha-T’s song “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” Jay Z used a quote from Tomi Lahren as a joke to introduce his verse. “Your husband was a drug dealer/ For 14 years he sold crack cocaine,” Lahren’s quote goes right before Jay Z launches into a rhythmic confirmation of the absurd accusation.


9. Guess Who Sold Out to Get Famous?

Earlier this year, some of Lahren’s tweets from college leaked to the press. In them, it was revealed that she didn’t like to work and she enjoyed shots in college. That’s no big deal. No college kid likes to work, and every college kid can throw back some booze. It’s part of the experience. However, it also emerged that she used to host a moderate a political program on her college TV station at UNLV. In clips from these issues, Lahren is seen being WAY more liberal on issues ranging from gun control to climate change.


10. In College, She Wrote an Ode to a Future Black Lives Matter Activist

Surprising as it might sound, there actually are women who take jobs at strip clubs to pay their way through college. One of those people was Malyssa Hiroko Essex, a student at UNLV at the same time as Lahren. In a guest article for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Lahren spoke even-handedly about this future Black Lives Matter spokeswoman, who managed to pay her tuition by spending her evenings straddling a pole. It’s a stance that Lahren would likely never make these days.


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