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Since taking office, activists have taken to the streets in various cities to protest against Donald Trump. The President’s controversial dealings since stepping foot in the White House have angered and outraged people across the world. Protestors are able to express themselves, their creativity and their beliefs through some ingenious signs that definitely deserve some shine. Here are just a few of the best signs in protest of the United State’s new Commander-in-chief.

1. Even Dogs Are Fed up With Trump

dogs against trump

2. This Sums up America’s Feelings in Two Simple Words

america weeps

3. Only Day 10? We Have a Long Way to Go…

day 10

4. From Cheeto to Fanta Faced. What Will They Come up With Next?

fanta face

5. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Starring Putin and Trump!

brokeback mountain

6. Build Love Not Walls. Do You Agree?

love not walls

7. We Love When Signs Rhyme!

dump trump

8. This One Flag Represents Everything Americans Should Stand For


9. An Old Photo of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson Meeting Hitler Resurfaces to Compare Trump’s Upcoming Meeting With Queen Elizabeth in 2017

never again

10. Supporting Refugees With a ‘Bin the Ban’ Sign

toxic waste

11. Michelle Obama for 2020? Wishful Thinking…

michelle 2020

12. Well, He Summed That up Nicely

trump dangerous

13. An Epileptic Woman Expresses Her Concern Over Potentially Losing Health Coverage Through the Affordable Care Act


14. One Word Was All He Needed


15. Even This Little Boy Understands the Importance of Upholding the Constitution


16. Absolutely Genius

putins baby

17. Is That Tulle Representing Trump’s Hair? So Creative!

humpty trumpty

18. It’s All About the Details, Like the Flies Swarming That Pile of Excrement


19. Bye Bye, Trump!

muslims in

20. The Look on His Face Says It All

fake news

21. These Three Letters Are So Poignant


22. And a Middle Finger to Go Along With It!


23. We, the People, Are Strong!

the power

24. So Comical but so Effective!

trump pizza

25. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!


26. That’s Some Pretty Impressive Artwork

lord of lies

27. The ‘Not My Cheeto’ Sign Is Amazing…

not my cheeto

28. Should This Be an Annual Holiday for the Next Four Years?

not my president

29. Pretty Much…

real news

30. Even Little Kids Want to Discipline the President!

time out

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