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TV streamers have been sold a bill of goods. The vast majority of couch potatoes have been led to believe that Netflix is the best streaming service out there right now; they’re wrong. Oh sure, in the early days of streaming Netflix proudly wore the crown of best streaming service, but times have changed and Netflix is an increasingly flawed offering. Meanwhile, yesterday’s also-ran, Hulu, is quickly becoming the best value for an average streamer’s dollar. The service has seriously upped its game in previous years, and now it’s more than worth the monthly price, whether you make the switch completely, or you bounce back and forth between Netflix and Hulu itself.

The Initial Hook

If you’re not familiar with Hulu’s initial sales point, here’s a quick rundown. The streaming service offers viewers the opportunity to watch all the biggest network shows on demand. You have to wait until the next day to tune in, but who honestly has the time or inclination to watch TV when it actually airs? Even if you’ve missed out on your favorite show for a few weeks, Hulu has you covered. In some cases, they have you covered back to a given series’ pilot episode. Of course, convenient as that service is, it’s just the tip of the ice berg (and not even the first reason) that Hulu is officially better than Netflix.


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