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From the era of rural American sitcoms came Green Acres which aired for six seasons from 1965 to 1971. Existing in the same universe as the popular Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies, it starred beloved performers Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. The series was a mash-up of small town living meets New York sophistication, as the two starred as Oliver and Lisa Douglas, who move from the big city and a life of affluence to the fictional Hooterville for a simpler way of life. One of the things you might not know is that Green Acres was the first TV sitcom where the stars sung the theme song. Let’s get nostalgic and find out a few other little-known facts about the show – and stick around to see Donald Trump’s take on that theme song!

1. All Those Fancy Convertibles

The character Oliver Douglas, played by Eddie Albert, had a thing for golden convertibles. During the series run he drove three Lincoln Continentals (1965-’67 models), then went against the grain for the 1969 and 1970 Mercury Marquis. Why? Lincoln stopped convertible production in 1968, and Oliver still needed his fix.

Green Acres car

2. Lisa Got Goofier Over the Years

Eva Gabor played Lisa Douglas and fans noted that during the first half of the first season Lisa wasn’t as goofy as in the rest of the series. For example, the actress’ Hungarian accent was played up with the mispronunciation of words like “electrisicals”—electricity, and “Hootersville”—(Hooterville) later on. The running theory was that in Hooterville Lisa adapted to the overall silly vibe of the townsfolk, while in New York’s high society, she needed to affect the charms of a sophisticated and intelligent woman. Here’s what was really up: Producers had no clue if American audiences would understand Gabor’s thick accent, so they tested her reception first before throwing it into the mix.

Eva Gabor

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