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3. Most of the Cheers Cast Made an Appearance…Except One

Frasier was set in Seattle, far away from Boston to try to give the spin-off a fresh start. However, most of his old pals from Cheers visited Frasier at one point or another. Sam, Diane, Woody and Lilith all stopped by, and on one memorable episode, Frasier returns to the bar and sees the rest of the gang. Well, with one notable exception. Rebecca Howe, who was played by Kirstie Alley, wasn’t in that episode. When she heard that this mash-up was going to take place, she called the show’s co-creator, David Lee, to tell him that she couldn’t participate because, as a Scientologist, she didn’t believe in psychiatry, and Frasier being a psychiatrist was a deal-breaker for her. Lee’s response? “I don’t recall asking.”


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