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4. That Time Daphne Gained Weight

Jane Leeves who played “Daphne Moon,” Martin’s health-care worker on the show, had an interesting bout with weight gain during her season 7 arc. It got so bad that Daphne was eventually sent away to a treatment spa so she could get to the bottom of her issues and find out why she couldn’t stop eating and kept packing on the pounds. What was actually happening was that Leeves was pregnant. On the show, her triumphant return from the treatment spa coincided with the fact that her daughter Isabella had been born. Little extra: The character “Roz Doyle” played by Peri Gilpin was pregnant in season 5, but the actress was not pregnant in real life, though many of Gilpin’s family and friends thought she was.

Frasier Stars Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin
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