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In the ever-expanding world of streaming services there is one clear reigning champion: Netflix. Not only was Netflix the first streaming channel to crack the Emmy nomination barrier, they’ve quickly developed a knack for it. In 2017, they raked in an incredible 91 Emmy noms for their original programming. That success is a result of the service’s commitment to releasing new, innovative programming. A whole lot of it. That unceasing flow of content means that — while some of Netflix’s shows are high quality — a lot of them are just filler. Fortunately, we’ve done the couch research and compiled a list of Netflix’s most watchable shows.

1. Stranger Things

What happens when a little boy goes missing in the same town that houses an experimental research laboratory? That’s the premise of this loving send-up to 1980’s creature features. Even if you’ve never rolled a 20-sided dice and you have no memory of Reagan’s administration, there’s a lot to love in this interchangeably whimsical and unsettling science fiction series.

Stranger Things

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