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Most of today’s top stars are the whole package: talent combined with toned bodies, lustrous hair and luminous skin. To top it off, most have a megawatt smile and a great set of teeth, too. Whether they were born with laser-straight pearly whites or had a little help from their neighborhood dentist or orthodontist, teeth are an essential part of a celebrity’s look. We love a gap-toothed grin like Madonna, Lauren Hutton or Georgia Jagger. We can even handle the crooked smile of a character actor like Steve Buscemi. But when it comes to putting one’s best face forward, a perfect smile is a huge asset for most stars. We’d give our eyeteeth to have a set like these 9 celebs.

1. Julia Roberts

This pretty woman dazzles on the big screen with her radiant smile. Those full lips and glistening teeth enhance her trademark laugh. You may be surprised to hear the Oscar winner doesn’t use toothpaste on her chompers. She told InStyle magazine, “I brush [my teeth] with baking soda. [My grandfather] would put a big heaping mound of it on his toothbrush. He had only one cavity in his entire life.” Perhaps that’s the secret to her stellar smile. Some suspect Julia’s teeth have been perfected by porcelain veneers, but whether this is true or not, you gotta admit she looks great.

Julia Roberts
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