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Redheads surprisingly account for only 5% of the population, but they’re on fire in Hollywood. Most of these ruby-hued stars admit that growing up they were ridiculed for their locks. But today they embrace their unique coloring because it allows them to stand out in an entertainment industry full of beautiful people. We’ve compiled a list of the ten hottest redheads in Hollywood. Some actresses have dyed their hair for movie roles, but most enjoy returning to their natural gingerness once the film is complete. Who’s your favorite Hollywood redhead?

1. Isla Fisher

Where does Isla Fisher get her beautiful ginger locks from? Well, although the actress was born in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, her parents were Scottish, hence her fair skin and red hair. The Now You See Me star claims that when she was younger she was constantly teased by her brothers for having flaming red hair, but says that it was great because she had “something to blame her temper on.”

Isla Fisher
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