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Redheads surprisingly account for only 5% of the population, but they’re on fire in Hollywood. Most of these ruby-hued stars admit that growing up they were ridiculed for their locks. But today they embrace their unique coloring because it allows them to stand out in an entertainment industry full of beautiful people. We’ve compiled a list of the ten hottest redheads in Hollywood. Some actresses have dyed their hair for movie roles, but most enjoy returning to their natural gingerness once the film is complete. Who’s your favorite Hollywood redhead?

1. Isla Fisher

Where does Isla Fisher get her beautiful ginger locks from? Well, although the actress was born in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, her parents were Scottish, hence her fair skin and red hair. The Now You See Me star claims that when she was younger she was constantly teased by her brothers for having flaming red hair, but says that it was great because she had “something to blame her temper on.”

Isla Fisher
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2. Jessica Chastain

The Interstellar actress admits she was teased as a child for having red hair. Chastain said, “I didn’t like it because it made me different. But as I grew older and more comfortable, it became a badge of honor.” Chastain admits to always wearing wigs when film roles require a different hair color.

jessica chastain
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3. Karen Gillan

Gillan is a Scottish actress and model who’s best known for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy and BBC’s hit series, Doctor Who. In discussing her vibrant hair, Gillan said, “All kids get teased about something. And this was quite an obvious feature. When you’re really tall and ginger and white at school, you’re going to get it.”

karen gillan
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4. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is known for abandoning her auburn hair and covering up her freckles, but we actually prefer the actress’ natural look. Take us back to 2007. She looked great in Mean Girls.

hottest redheads in hollywood
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5. Julianne Moore

Regarding her fiery locks, Julianne Moore said, “nobody likes being different as a kid, everyone used to call me Freckleface Strawberry-it was a drink mix.” But today Julianne admits that she embraces her unique hair hue and freckled skin.

julianne moore
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6. Nicole Kidman

Nicole admits that she lamented her ginger locks growing up because of the constant ridicule she faced from her peers. Kidman says, “I thought of my red hair as awkward and repulsive. When I was little I had curls down to my bum and people would always pull at my hair and say, ‘Ohhh, she’s got currrrls!’ And I hated that.”

nicole kidman
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7. Kate Mara

The House of Cards actress was another victim of ginger abuse growing up as a child in Bedford, New York. Mara says, “Even when I was a kid, I had this insane head of flaming hair. It looked like a wig.” Now she’s one of the hottest redheads in Hollywood.

kate mara
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8. Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard, best known for her role as Hilly Holbrook in the award winning film, The Help, states that she’s proud to be a red head. Howard says that she prefers her natural hue to blonde or brunette, but admits that she does add gloss to make it shine.

bryce dallas howard
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9. Marcia Cross

You would never believe that the Desperate Housewives actress will be 53 this year and that could possibly be thanks to her natural fiery hair color. In regards to her natural hue, Cross said, “With the red hair, you get the white skin; it’s a package deal. The cons are that you never look particularly attractive on the beach. The pros are in a softly lit room, you look pretty.”

marcia cross
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10. Poppy Montgomery

Poppy Montgomery found success by playing FBI agent Samantha Spade in the popular TV series Without a Trace for seven seasons. The Australian native admits that she was a redhead when she first moved to America saying it was “red like Pippi Longstocking’s.” She did dye it a few times for different roles, but more recently Montgomery has returned to her natural hue.

So who do you think is the hottest redheads in Hollywood?

poppy montgomery
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