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The life of a celebrity is pretty image conscious. Sometimes actors have to bulk up or lose weight for certain roles, and sometimes they try to lose weight in a hurry just to look good at their next big red carpet event. Sometimes the ways they control their weight is done in pretty extreme ways, as you can tell by the following extreme diet choices made by these celebs.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebs that goes to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson for workout and body tips of all kinds. Tracy supposed was the creator of a diet plan called The Baby Food Diet, on which Jennifer lost seven pounds in a week. The diet is basically 14 portions of baby food throughout the day, followed by a normal healthy dinner.

Jennifer Aniston
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2. Beyonce

When Beyonce was prepping for her role in Dreamgirls she wanted to lose 20 pounds fast. She accomplished that by sticking to the Master Cleanse plan, which basically involves drinking a lot of cayenne and syrup infused lemon water. The singer also sticks to a part time vegan diet, where meat is still allowed some of the time to keep her curves on point.


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