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Hollywood is the land of blonde bombshells, where golden locks are a symbol of glamor and beauty. Many a starlet has become a bottle blonde to capitalize on this fair-haired appeal. However, some celebs have bucked the trend and dyed their natural blonde hair a darker hue. Deep brunette tones or rich red tresses can make a star stand out from the crowd and give them a distinctive sultry look. Here are 10 such celebrities you might not know were actually born natural blondes. We think they look much better dark.

1. Sofia Vergara

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This Colombian native was born with lighter locks. However, her career didn’t really take off until she colored her honey tones a deep chestnut brown. She said casting directors often said she didn’t look “Latin enough” with her natural hue. Once she went dark, it matched her voluptuous figure and thick accent better. The Modern Family star is now the highest paid actress on television, so it’s definitely working for her.

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