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The constant flow of photoshop-perfected images give us the impression that celebrities’ bodies are the platinum standard as far as human physique is concerned. However, celebrities are people too and can suffer from imperfections just like the rest of us. Some of them succumb to pressure and have their physical deformities rectified, but there are others who happily flaunt their special physical attributes. Here are 13 celebrities who have or had physical deformities, and dealt with them in different ways.

1. Gemma’s Extra Digit Is Not in Her Phone Number

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton -

Gemma Arterton is best known for being a stunning Bond girl. But if she hadn’t gotten her inherent deformity removed while she was a baby, she might have gotten a role on X-Men instead. Gemma was born with an extra finger, which in medical terms is called polydactyly. Her parents didn’t appreciate her bonus digit, and so the doctors tied up her extra finger, drained blood from it and eventually it fell off. Pretty creepy, right?

2. Megan Fox’s “Murderer” Thumbs

Megan Fox
Megan Fox -

Another celeb with special hands is Megan Fox. Unlike Arterton, Megan has short, stubby thumbs that resemble toes. In fact sometimes they’re called “toe thumbs” (though the medical condition is called brachydactyly type D). A more unpleasant name for these short stubby thumbs is “murderer’s thumb.” Who knows, the producers of “Jennifer’s Body” may have had this in mind when they cast Fox in this rather scary role. Isn’t it nice to know this gorgeous girl isn’t perfect after all?

3. Stare Into Kate Bosworth’s Physical Deformities

Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth -

Bosworth has one of the most noticeable deformities – her eyes are of different colors. Courtesy of a condition called heterochromia, Bosworth has a blue left eye and a hazel right eye. Unlike some other more unsettling physical deformities, Bosworth’s “problem” makes her one of the most interesting celebrities on the red carpet. We’re sure the Blue Crush star doesn’t mind the attention and admiration she gets as a result!

4. Guess What Karolina Kurkova Photoshops

Karolina Kurkova
Karolina Kurkova -

Karolina is one celeb who wouldn’t mind if bikinis went out of style. This is because she no longer has a belly-button, thanks to an operation (possibly to correct umbilical hernia) she underwent as a baby. Now, although belly buttons serve no useful purpose for an adult woman, society doesn’t take kindly to its absence (except on Barbie dolls of course). Photographers often photoshop a navel into many of her otherwise flawless photos.

5. Jennifer Garner Needs a Break From Heels

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner -

Unlike the celebs we have noted so far, Garner’s deformity – a pinky toe overlapping the toe next to it – is likely the result of wearing too many stilettos. This condition is perhaps the most painful of the physical deformities covered so far. On the other hand (or foot), perhaps a permanently crossed pinky toe brings her good luck. For Garner the good news is likely to be a pain in the toe, since she’ll have to stuff her poor feet into more high heels when she accompanies the future Batman to award shows.

6. Ke$ha’s Unusual Backside

Kesha -

Ke$ha makes outrageous claims on a regular basis – she even admitted to being born with a tail! Yes, the singer claims to have had the good fortune of entering this world with a quarter inch long rear appendage. Signs of her tail are no longer visible and we may never know if it existed at all. But fetuses do develop a tail that is eventually dissolved by white blood cells. Though it’s not common, there is a chance that Ke$ha’s white blood cells were sleeping on the job.

7. Padma Lakhsmi’s Near Death Experience

Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi

If fate gave Ke$ha a tail, it gave Padma Lakshmi a nasty scar when she was a teenager. Lakshmi was involved in a terrible car accident that totally shattered her arm. Thankfully her appendage was salvaged, but a nasty scar remains today to remind her – and the world – of her close call with death. Unlike some other celebs though, Lakshmi refuses to hide her scar, wearing sleeveless or short sleeved outfits which allow the scar to be clearly visible. We think folks who feel ashamed of showing their scars should take a leaf out of Lakshmi’s book and flaunt them with pride. After all, it’s a life experience that made her stronger.

8. Kate Hudson’s Extra Little Piggy

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson -

Hudson is another celebrity whose leg doesn’t toe the line set by the typical human foot. In Hudson’s case the deformity is an extra toe, which can be seen poking out beside her pinky toe. Like Lakshmi, she flaunts this gift of fate in flip-flops and open sandals, and we must say that the mutant toe takes nothing away from her beauty. If Hudson can flaunt her sixth toe and still look better than most, there is no reason why anyone with this condition should try to hide their natural bonus inside a cramped shoe.

9. Joaquin Phoenix’s Sexy Scar

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix -

Most people assume that the scar Phoenix has on his lip is a result of some childhood accident or corrective surgery, but truth is he was born with it. The scar is called a microform cleft, which is a milder version of the cleft lip. Does Phoenix look sexy with his scar? We sure think so. A face with a scar adds interest and intrigue, making it way more seductive than anything a perfect visage can offer.

10. Denzel Washington’s Pinky Points West

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington -

Washington has a pinkie finger that bends at 45 degrees, a result of a basketball injury he sustained as a child. We don’t support his flaunting this deformity though, since proper medical attention could have prevented this awkward condition from developing. It could have been an easy fix. In the event, Washington simply didn’t bother to undergo the required medical procedure, and so was left with a bent pinkie for the rest of his life.

11.Ashton Kutcher Could Be the Next Michael Phelps

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher -

Kutcher may be an okay actor, but we’re sure he would have been a great swimmer as well thanks to his webbed toes! Yes, Kutcher has webbing between his toes that extends upwards, placing him in the company of super swimmers of the animal kingdom. Swimming advangage aside though, he is not afraid of flaunting his webbed feet in public, which places him in the admirable company of celebs like Hudson, Lakshmi and Phoenix.

12. Shailene Woodley Must Be Great At Yoga

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley -

Woodley is one of the few people on earth who can redefine the meaning of “shaking a leg”. This is because she has prehensile hands and feet, allowing her the monkey like ability to stretch her limbs wider than the average human. If you should ever extend your hand to greet you, she could just as easily shake back with her foot. Maybe she could join the circus if her booming acting career ever stalls.

13. Guess Where Lily Allen’s Deformity Is

Lilly Allen
Lilly Allen -

Most celebs with physical deformities we’ve listed so far have their imperfection in a visible area of their body, but not Allen. Allen’s deformity is an extra nipple. Interestingly though, Allen is quite proud of her additional nipple, and has even shown it off on TV! So it’s not so invisible after all.

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