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In the history of Hollywood cinema, there is no other film franchise that’s quite as well put together as the Star Wars saga. The entire series is highlighted with fantastic, charismatic performances from its leads, innovative costumes and makeup, and, hands down, the single greatest score in science fiction movie history. Of course, none of those creative achievements would shine through if the series wasn’t captured properly. Fortunately for movie nerds, the Star Wars saga isn’t just captured “properly,” it’s shot with one of the most iconic and rewarding film styles in the blockbuster film dictionary. Here are some of the best shots.

16. Face-to-Face with the Emperor

After three long films, the puppeteer behind Darth Vader’s cruelty is truly unmasked. Though he’s a stooped old man with a raspy voice, Emperor Palpatine’s one big scene — as the final temptation of Luke Skywalker — is played to perfection every step of the way.


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