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Justin Bieber has been in the headlines a lot recently and not necessarily for anything positive. He’s been arrested for harassing his neighbors, charged with a DUI, pulled over for drag racing and people are even campaigning to get him kicked out of the US! But just last week a video was released where Orlando Bloom punches him in the face. We think Orlando probably did the right thing. Justin needs a reality check, and a slap in the face just may be the thing to wake him up. Here are 8 stupid things Justin Beiber has done recently.

1. Smiling in His Mug Shot

We all know Justin loves to look good for his fans. But many found it disrespectful and arrogant when he decided to flash a cheesy grin for his 2014 DUI mug shot. The kid thinks he’s invincible.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

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