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Many Hollywood stars boast both beauty and brains. Some unsuspecting celebrities are actually Ivy League grads or fluent in five languages. You’ll be surprised to learn the IQ of Friends star, Lisa Kudrow. She’s definitely not ditzy like her character, Phoebe. Take a look at 10 surprisingly smart celebrities and be prepared to be blown away by their achievements.

1. Madonna

The former “Material Girl” is actually quite the brain. Madonna has a surprisingly high IQ of 140. Not only is the pop star a great performer, she’s also very business savvy with multiple real estate properties accounting for her $520 million net worth.

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2. Shakira

Another female pop star makes the brain list. Shakira is one of the most popular singers in the world. Aside from being able to shake her hips better than anyone we know, the star is also fluent in five languages – Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and English. Her IQ is 140.

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