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Has TV left you out in the cold? Are you struggling for stuff to watch? No, probably not, but you can’t just sit and watch reruns of sitcoms at work. Your boss would get kind of persnickety about that. So, that’s why we have YouTube, to give us something to do while we count down the minutes until we can escape the confines of our cubicle. Don’t be so quick to dismiss these YouTube channels and their stars as subpar amateur entertainment. Yes, literally anybody with a webcam can start a channel, but only a fraction hit the big time (and they’re making millions). All the members of this list have consistently higher ratings than most popular television shows. So here here are the 15 most subscribed YouTubers around … Okay, not necessarily worldwide. Due to linguistic limitations, we’re only going with YouTubers who speak English. Furthermore, we’re skipping artist-specific VEVO channels, too, because Eminem, Rihanna and Katy Perry don’t need the plug. Check out these mega-popular channels on YouTube to see what all the fuss is about.

15. Ray William Johnson and Equals Three

RayWJ and his merry band of goofballs attract 10.6 million subscribers on a regular basis with their peculiar brand of social satire. Is Netflix and Chill a good idea? What are 10 sentences that are guaranteed to start an argument on the Internet? New host Kaja Martin and the whole pack of loons at Equals Three studios are working overtime to make sure you can get a giggle out of your nine to five.

Ray William Johnson

14. Markiplier

For the gamer who’s gotten tired of perusing kotaku, ign, or any of those, there’s Markiplier. Backed by 11.3 million subscribers, this gaming and comedy fan is always releasing silly videos on his page. Ever want to watch people’s reactions to horror games? Curious to watch an overgrown child freak out while playing difficult levels of Mario Maker? Then this is your guy.


13. VEVO

Remember when MTV used to play music videos back to back for hours and hours? Well, that’s VEVO now. They have a ton of different channels devoted to individual artists that also have millions of followers, but the base channel, which has 11.4 million subscribers and counting, is essentially just a conduit to new music of varying levels of quality. It’s like 1986 all over again. Except we can all agree the music was better back then, right?


12. Sky Does Minecraft

If you’re one of the millions of fanatics devoted to the blocky virtual playground that is Minecraft, then you should certainly check out SkyDoesMinecraft. The Sky Army is 11.7 million subscribers strong for good reason. Every day, this channel provides some new footage that’s all set in the endless world of Minecraft. Whether they’re role playing other games or trying to make each other laugh with silly in-game tricks, the guys at SkyDoesMinecraft may just crack you up even if you’re not a gamer.


11. KSI

YouTube personality KSI offers a variety of flavors for viewers to choose from, depending on whether you like to laugh at someone or with them. For the former crowd, there’s the page that launched KSI to stardom in which he plays video games while screaming (it’s a popular theme on YouTube). For the latter crowd, there’s KSI’s 11.8 million subscriber-backed channel in which he and his buddies play FIFA 16. Also, he raps. Not joking.


10. Spinnin’ Records

If you’re the kind of person who’s totally surprised to find out there’s a YouTube channel devoted solely to dance music that also has 12.3 million subscribers, then pass over Spinnin’ Records. If, however, you love to get your junk moving and you don’t mind some decidedly Euro-inspired tunes, then check out this popular Dutch record label.

Spinnin’ Records

9. Machinima

What started as a creative hub for people to submit machinima (which are basically just cartoons that are captured in video game environments) has blossomed into an all-inclusive YouTube channel that’s good for both a dose of silly comedy and an update on all things nerdy. Between the game, movie, and DVD trailers, the homemade movies, the blooper and bug reels, and all the rest, there’s more than enough content here to merit Machinima’s 12.7 million subscribers.


8. ERB

This is a channel that needs absolutely zero sales. Who wouldn’t want to see Obama and Romney throw down? What about Stan Lee dropping rhymes against Jim Henson? Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs? More than 12.9 million subscribers tune in to ERB which features comedians adopting various personas and then busting some rhymes. You’ll come for the curiosity, but you’ll stay for the dope flows.


7. Fine Brothers Entertainment

Created by Benny and Rafi Fine, Fine Brothers Entertainment bills itself as a “hybrid network and award winning studio”. While the brothers produce a variety of scripted content, most of their 14 million subscribers show up for the duo’s patented “REACT” videos, which are a series of admittedly funny videos that follow the same basic formula: [BLANK] reacts to [BLANK] … so, “Kids React To Adele”. That kind of thing.

Fine Brothers Entertainment

6. The Ellen Show

Okay, so most of TheEllenShow’s 14.3 million subscribers are there to see stuff from the TV counterpart, but that hasn’t stopped the channel from providing a really welcoming online environment. Extended interviews, new tapes and music performances highlight this well-rounded channel that stays true to the Ellen DeGeneres that everyone knows and loves. There’s a reason she’s the most popular lady on daytime TV.

Ellen Degeneres
Jaguar PS /

5. JennaMarbles

JennaMarbles is a peek into the mind of an average girl with an offbeat point-of-view and lots of profanity-laden thoughts on every topic under the sun. More than 15.8 million subscribers tune in consistently to hear Jenna’s hilarious take on various topics, like “Things I’m Bad At As An Adult” and “What Girls Do In The Car”. A lot of her videos are pretty darn funny as the comedian pokes fun at modern society, however, there’s also a real grain of closeness and vulnerability between the star and her devoted fan base.


4. VanossGaming

Powered by Evan Fong, VanossGaming plays host to 15.8 million subscribers as Fong releases a variety of videos centered on gaming. From strung together bits of funny gaming videos to Fong’s attempts to tackle various game modes, the entire channel is populated with gamer gold. Even if you’re not a fan of video games, his owl-headed hijinks are sure to keep you entertained.


3. nigahiga

With more than 16.1 million subscribers, Ryan Higa is a rare YouTube star that doesn’t owe his success to video games. He owes his success to being extremely silly. Over the course of ten years, Ryan Higa and his friends have drawn in the audience with their odd brand of humor. You want fake trailers? You want bad lip syncing? How about brutal games of “I Dare You”? It’s all here and waiting to help you forget about work.


2. YouTube Spotlight

Okay, duh, YouTube’s own channel is extremely popular on YouTube. But, with 23.9 million subscribers, there’s a reason. If you’re new to the platform and you’re looking for ways to expand your horizons, find new material, or simply kill the next few hours of your life, YouTube’s spotlight channel is replete with a crazy eclectic mix of entertainment that’s sure to lead you somewhere you never expected.

YouTube Spotlight

1. PewDiePie

Okay, after so many video game channels, you’re probably detecting a pattern here. Video game channels are basically all the same. They feature their star playing games and talking about them with various levels of intensity. Most of these channels also break things up with skits and weird jokes. The only thing that changes is the quality of the writing and the performances. So, if you like gaming channels, know that PewDiePie is the best. With 41.8 million subscribers, it’s also the number one channel on YouTube.


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