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Rihanna has become more fashion conscious over the past few years, attending fashion shows and donning designer duds all over the world. But the star didn’t used to be so wardrobe savvy. It took some time for her to find her style and own her confidence. We’ve compiled a collection of the singer’s top looks since she first hit the scene back in 2005. Let’s take a peek at the Rihanna style evolution.

1. Where The Rihanna Style Evolution Began

The Rihanna Style Evolution Begins
Rihanna in 2005

Here’s wholesome Rihanna hitting up the red carpet at the 2005 VMAs. This look is definitely inspired by her island roots, with big hoop earrings, white jeans and a cropped shirt. We’re not too keen on that belly chain, but the 17 year old Barbadian sure looked young and innocent back then.

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