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10 Things Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know about Melania

Although Melania Trump often appears shy and removed from her husband’s presidential campaign, she isn’t the ‘trophy wife’ that the media often depicts her as. The former Slovenian supermodel, who runs a bilingual household and works with charities in her spare time, will be one of the most unique First Ladies to ever enter The White House (if her husband is elected). These are the ten things “the Donald” doesn’t want you to know about his calm and confident wife.

1. She Wasn’t Interested Right Away

Twenty-eight-year-old Melania and 52-year-old Donald first met in 1998 at an event at Manhattan’s trendy Kit Kat Club. Mr. Trump was allegedly at the party with another woman, and Melania remembers that he asked for her telephone number, but she didn’t give it to him saying, ‘I am not a girl who will just give away the number to anybody.’ He did give her his number and the pair began dating a few months later.

donald and melania trump

2. She’s An Immigrant

How could Trump’s stance on immigration be so brash when two of his three wives were immigrants themselves? Trump’s first wife, Ivanka, was a native of Czechoslovakia, while Melania was born in Sevnica, in Slovenia’s Lower Sava Valley (then part of communist Yugoslavia). The 45-year-old moved to New York City in 1996 on a work visa to continue her modeling career. She became a US citizen nearly a decade later, after marrying Trump.

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3. She’s More Cultured

Melania is fluent in four languages: Slovenian, French, Italian and English. She’s also raising their son, Barron, to be bilingual. Trump thinks his wife will be a great asset in international relations. Before her modelling career took off, she studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

melania and donald trump
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4. She Spends More Time on Her Hair

Melania explained that her beauty regimen is more time consuming than her husband’s. She said, “For a woman, it’s much more, especially when you have long hair.” She also admitted to cutting her husband’s hair once, although she does “not anymore.” We can’t imagine how long it takes Donald to get his hair looking the way it does.

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5. She’s Privately Political

When hounded by reporters as to why she hasn’t been more vocal during her husband’s presidential campaign, Mrs. Trump responded, “I don’t discuss politics. That’s my husband’s job. I leave that to him…I’m very political. I’m not political in public, I’m political at home.” She did take the stage once in South Carolina to say, “Good evening, isn’t he the best? He will be the best president ever. We love you!”

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6. She’s A Businesswoman, Just Like ‘The Donald’

Aside from modeling, Melania has also tried her hand in fashion design and skin care. She launched her watch and jewelry collection, “Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry,” in 2010 on QVC. In 2013, the Slovenian beauty debuted a skin care line, “Melania Caviar Complexe C6,” which she promoted on The Celebrity Apprentice and The View.

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7. What Type of First Lady She’ll Be

“I would be very traditional,” she told The New York Times. “Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him.” Melania once said, “I don’t agree with my husband on many things,” but, “I let him be who he is, and he lets me be who I am.”

melania trump
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8. What She’s Passionate About

Aside from looking after the couple’s nine-year-old son and promoting her own jewelry and skincare lines, Melania dedicates her time to a few causes that she’s passionate about. She’s been associated with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, active with the Police Athletic League, an honorary chairwoman for the Boys Club of New York for the past five years, and in 2005, she was awarded the title of Goodwill Ambassador by the American Red Cross.

melania trump
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9. She’s the Only First Lady to Have Ever…

Posed nude! Mrs. Trump bared it all for a GQ photoshoot, back in 2000. In one steamy image Melania was handcuffed to a briefcase on board then-boyfriend Trump’s private jet. Only two other first ladies, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford, had modeling careers, but they were never photographed in the buff.

melanie trump

10. Her Bathroom Habits

Some of you might think that this is way too much information, but the Donald has previously stated that his wife “never defecates nor breaks wind.” During a 2003 interview, Howard Stern asked Trump if Melania ever “makes a doody.” Trump replied, “I’ve never see any, it’s amazing. Maybe they save that for after marriage.” We’ve yet to hear an update, as the pair have been married for over ten years!

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