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Tying the knot and living happily ever after is a dream to some people, but not for the celebs on our list. Many of them have chosen to live their lives single and unattached while ignoring society’s pressures to make a fast dash to the altar. Here are 20 celebrities who’ve never been married.

1. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has been in a series of relationships since being in the public eye. In 2006, she began dating the former CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, Ted Harbert. She also briefly dated rapper 50 Cent. In 2012, the TV personality and comedienne said she wasn’t sure if she was marriage material, and she didn’t know if she ever wanted to be someone’s wife.

chelsea handler

2. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has been in a string of long-term relationships, including a nine-year romance with Stuart Towsend. She was also briefly engaged to fellow actor Sean Penn. In speaking about the institution of marriage, Theron said marriage was never that important to her. She would love to be in a long-term relationship, but a marriage ceremony is something she could do without. For now, she’s focusing on raising her adopted son and daughter.

charlize theron
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