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15 TV Couples That Honestly Should Have Never Happened

The best onscreen couples ooze with chemistry in each and every scene. They simply fit perfectly together as viewers hold on tight to witness the twists and turns and the natural ebb and flow of their relationships. And then, there are the couples that make absolutely no sense. They’re wrong in so many different ways. Watching them interact on the small screen is like trying to fit two mismatched jigsaw puzzle pieces together. They just don’t fit! Here are 15 TV couples that should’ve never happened for the sake of their shows.

1. Blaine and Dave – ‘Glee’

In Season 6 of Glee, viewers heard their hearts shatter into a million pieces when it was revealed that Blaine and Dave were an item. We all knew Blaine’s true love was Kurt, so we watched in horror as Dave, the bully-turned-love interest, tried to convince us that he was a changed man. In the end, everything worked out just the way fans expected. Blaine and Kurt reunited because, well, they were obviously meant to be together. Here’s to forgetting Blaine and Dave were ever “a thing” in the first place!

david blaine glee

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