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Celebrities are used to having it all–and sometimes that even includes the kids’ nanny. No matter how hot their wives happen to be, there’s just something about those childminders that make these stars want to misbehave. The following celebs and their naughty nannies definitely rocked the tabloids when their shameless infidelities were discovered.

1. Ethan Hawke

Rumor had it that Hawke hooked up with the nanny because his wife at the time, Uma Thurman, was enjoying a hotter career than he was. Note to Hawke: competing with a successful wife by doing the nanny is pathetic at best; subsequently marrying the nanny doesn’t seem to make that fade away. He now has two children with his former-nanny-turned-second-wife, Ryan Shawhughes, to add to the two he had with Thurman.

Ethan Hawke Festival de Venise Mostra

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